The Pro's and Con's of Recessed Lighting

The current trend in new homes is to fill the home with recessed lighting. We've heard some say it looks cleaner, is cheaper, and less decisions to make when picking out lighting.

However, what is missing when a home only has recessed lighting is the layering of light. This leaves a room feeling cold with many dark corners and many more holes in the ceiling. When layering your lighting you achieve a warm inviting room that you want to be in. Certain areas of a home need task lighting, other areas need ambient lighting and decorative lighting is the jewelry of your home. Below is a look at the pro's and con's of recessed lighting.


  • No hanging fixtures, furniture can be moved around without worrying about where the lighting is placed
  • Great waterproof option for over a tub or in a shower
  • Good option for a low ceiling
  • A useful layer of lighting


  • Many holes are required in the ceiling to light up a space
  • Produces a "cave effect" of dark walls with beams of light
  • More expensive, you need more recessed lights to light a space that one fixture could provide
  • Installation is complex.
  • Can leak air into home by small gaps around each light.

Recessed Lighting

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